Venue FAQ

We are honoured to be welcomed back on to Sugarbag Station for Collaborations Festival 2018! 

Here is a list of venue FAQ that should cover all your inquiries. If there is something we missed - please email us at collaborationsfestival [at] ! 


Where is the venue? - The venue is located at Sugarbag Station just outside of Mt Garnet, Far North Queensland.

Is camping and facility use included in the ticket price? - Yes! Up to 4 nights of camping and free use of the facilities all weekend are included with your ticket. 

Are there toilets and showers? - Yes! There are 38 compostable toilets, 4 flushing toilets and 12 hot showers available.

Can I bring gas cookers? - Yes, gas cookers are allowed as long as they are used outdoors and not inside tents (which is very dangerous!)

When can I arrive at the festival? - Gates are open to the public Friday 9am. Please do not come any earlier as the festival will be a worksite until then. If you do arrive earlier you will be turned around at the gate. 

When do I need to leave the festival? - We ask everyone to be packed up and on their way by Tuesday afternoon at the latest.

Am I allowed to bring pets? - No! We have a strict no pet policy and we would really appreciate it if you respected this rule. If you are caught with a pet you will be refused entry. 

Are there any ATMs onsite - There are no ATMs on site. If you would like to spend money at the festival please make sure you bring enough cash with you. The nearest ATM is in Mt Garnet, 30 minute drive away. 

What other information do I need? - Please visit the Festival Guidelines and Sustainability pages for some important info!