Online Applications

To be involved in this event, you need to submit an Online Application.

Online applications are the only means of expressing interest to be part of the event. You may email us with specific enquiries, but you will still be requested to submit an online application.

For help with online applications, visit our applications info page

Creative Program Applications

The creative program includes decor / installations, music, performance art, vj / multimedia and workshops.  You will need to enter all the required information, and include as much support material as possible - photos, bio, demo recordings etc. If you have multiple acts/personas/concepts to apply for, please submit an application for each one, but make note of your other applications when doing so.

  • Musician applications are open until May 31st.
  • All other Creative Program applications are open until June 15th.
  • All confirmations will be sent out by June 30th. We do send confirmation e-mails out once we start confirming applications to let successful applicants know as soon as possible.

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Market Stalls

What would a festival be without yummy food and interesting crafts and wares? Each year our Markets Area grows in size and variety, and we welcome you to apply to be part of the Collaborations Festival Market Area. Details of the options for stall size and cost are included in the application form, and we ask you to provide comprehensive information about your power requirements and stall specifications so we can create a smooth running Markets Area. 

  • Market Stall applications are open until 15th June.
  • All confirmations will be sent by June 30th. As we confirm market stalls we will be sending out e-mails.

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Media Passes

If you would like to do photography or video work in exchange for a ticket, you can apply for a media pass.

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