Space Case

At the young age of 14, Casey Dawson aka SPACE CASE, was introduced to the Cairns outdoor music culture. Having grown up amongst some of the lushest landscapes in Far North Queensland, Australia, SPACE CASE uses this for his inspiration, in combination with his experiences with music, festivals and events.


SPACE CASE creates his own unique styles of dance music ... infusing multi - genres of Dubstep / IDM / Progressive / Electro and Psytrance into his projects, he creates some of the most unique melodic Psytrance of this era.  SPACE CASE likes using FL Studio as one of his main artillery in production.


Becoming well-known for his melodic, bass driven lively sets, he has now played at some of Australia’s biggest and lushest outdoor bush doof parties. These include Solar Eclipse Festival 2012, Kinetic Dreaming Festival 2012, Tribal Daze 2012/2011/2010 Collaborations Festival 2012/2011/2010, Winter Solstice Festival 2010 and internationally Twisted Frequency NZ 2013, Discombobulation NZ 2014, Primordial NZ 2014, Sub Division NZ 2014, Alien Nation NZ 2014


Along the way SPACE CASE has also supported well known acts such as, ACE VENTURA, SENSIENT, POSITIVE THOUGHT, JEKKYL, RICCO MAZZER, HYPNAGOG and TETRAMETH. With support and help from local and east coast Australian labels such as Twizted Lotus Records and Kore Creative SPACE CASE was able to release his debut release “Gecko Funk” and has also appeared on “Twizted Lotus Collections Vol. 1”.