From tropical origins, the Legacy project took place in 2004. Since then Rhyss has taken influence from many forms, Music, Environment, People and Language. From the moving circuit of the Australian outdoor festival scene, Legacy and Jekyll decided that they wanted to create a project to collect the finest music relative to there region that wasn’t being represented at the time. This is where No Qualms Records was formed. Since then they have created a project that is now regarded as one of the most unique labels in the progressive movement. Musically Legacy has performed at many major festivals in Australia and around the world. Including, Universo Paralello, Earth Frequency, Alienation, Eclipse Festival Cairns, Winter Solstice just to name a few. As an artist, Legacy has release 2 Eps and a full length album, all with No Qualms records. Also with a full cache of singles on va’s with labels such as Glitchy Tonic, Insonitus, Solar Records and Maia. With a major festival season booked, Legacy and No Qualms records is one to look out for in the future