Festival Venue

This year we are very happy to announce that Collaborations Festival will be held on the beautiful property at Sugarbag Station, Mt. Garnet Far North Queensland.

Sugarbag Station is well equipped with 34 toilets and 12 hot showers to help make your festival experience a little more refreshing! 

Plenty of shade for camping and festival fun. As Collaborations Festival is held in winter and the site is inland it gets quite cold, so please bring some warm clothing along with you. On the way to the festival you can stop at Innot Hot Springs for a warm spring water experice! 

We are very blessed to be able to co-create with the beautiful Henry family of Sugarbag Station, so please, please clean up after yourselves and encourage others to do as well. We hope to keep creating on this site for many years in the future and to keep that sustainable we need each and everyone of you to do your part in keeping the festival grounds clean and respecting eachother, the land and our leave no trace policy. We will have recycling on site and encourage you all to be responsible and to take your rubbish home. We know that you are all amazing beings and love this earth as much as we do, so we need to look after her to the best of our abilities! We can do it together :)! 

Please note that there will be designated drinking water on site in marked tanks and any water that is not marked should be boiled before consuming for health and safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.

With much love from Collaborations Festival family!