Bushcraft Productions crew aim to create a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for everyone to come together enjoy the amazing outdoor environment we are blessed with in Australia.

So for all of you who are thinking about coming out please keep in mind that we want to leave no trace, only footprints everywhere we can. There will be portable ash trays handed to the smokers, garbage bags for each car on entry and will also be available at the information tent.

We recycle what we can, remember that we have a no glass policy so please don't bring any glass. Security will be doing checks at the gate and around the festival. Big thanks to Henry, Anna and the rest of the Outlander crew. They do the most amazing job on recycling and keeping the festival grounds tidy.

Please don't bring your dogs. The festival is on cattle property, so there is cattle around the festival site and there is also 10 80 bait spread throughout the site. Previous years there have been dogs on site, this year there is NO EXCEPTION. If you are found with a dog on site we will be asking you nicely to leave. NO DOGS, NO EXCEPTION. If you hear of anyone planning to bring their dogs please let them know the rules. This is a health and safety rule. 

Palmer River is located in very dry country. Fires are easily spread around these parts. Especially in the winter when there’s not much rain and a lot of sun. That’s why the land owner does not permit fires in camps. It’s too dangerous! There will be large communal fires spread throughout the festival for everyone to enjoy.

 Thank you for respecting these rules :)

Together we can create a magical environment!